The Ultra Racing lower chassis braces are specifically designed to fit across the base of the vehicle. Typically (but not exclusively) installed across the subframe, Ultra Racing lower chassis braces reduce chassis twisting during acceleration and cornering. This results in improved handling performance. 

During aggressive driving manoeuvres, such as hard acceleration and cornering, a vehicle's chassis can flex and twist. This flexing compromises the stability and responsiveness of the car. Ultra Racing lower chassis braces address this issue by connecting and reinforcing key structural points in the vehicle, effectively reducing chassis twisting.

The reduction in chassis twisting directly translates to improved handling performance. With a more rigid chassis, the suspension components can work more efficiently. The tires maintain better
contact with the road, resulting in enhanced grip, reduced body roll, and more precise steering response. This makes the vehicle feel more composed and predictable, which is especially valuable in fast road and track applications.

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