Ultra Racing was established in 2002 and has grown to be undeniably the leading company in quality chassis strengthening bars.

Ultra Racing has the most immense facilities to cope with extremely high demand and a

Quality Assured Products

Ultra Racing awarded industry excellence award.

The Excellence Award was introduced by the ministry of international trade & industry (MITI) in 1991 to recognise outstanding Malaysian companies and to encourage continuous improvement in products and services rendered.

Award winning chassis strenthening components manufacturer.

Ultra Racing got awarded.

  • Asia Automotive Awards
  • Super Excellent Brand
  • Asia pacific Super Excellent Brand & Top Golden Brand.
  • SME 100 Fast moving company
  • HST 21st century the Presigious brand.

These achievements represent an assurance like no other to ultra Racing's loyal customs which our competitor brands will never be able to accomplish.

Internationally Recognized

Sold throughout the world, Ultra Racing is recognised worlwide.

Ultra Racing has been exporting fine tuned chassis strengthening components to more than 10 countries worldwide which are Japan, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, United Kingdom, Korea, China, New Zealand and USA.

Ultra Racing has a huge product catalogue

With over 4000 products to offer, Ultra Racing chassis strengthening components has an extensive compatibility list. Ultra Racing is able to cope with the market demands.

Track proven and motorsport involvement

The Ultra Racing Motorsport Division brings Ultra Racing products into track and motorsport event in order to further enhance all products and accumlate feedback from event like track racing, autocross and drifting competition.

Ultra Racing is the proud chassis tuning partner of Federation D & Tengku Djan, Team GoodYear Racing, Team Toyo, Ultra Racing's able to show it's existence in worldwide motorsport event.

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