Ultra Racing anti-roll bars are designed to be slightly larger in diameter than their OEM counterparts to further stiffen the lower suspension parts to create a safer, more responsive drive.

Ultra Racing anti-roll bars are intentionally designed to have a slightly larger diameter than the stock or OEM bars. This increase in diameter results in a significant boost in stiffness. By doing so, Ultra Racing ARB’s reduce body roll during cornering, making the vehicle more stable and predictable.

When a vehicle takes a corner or swerves, weight transfers to one side, causing the suspension on that side to compress while the other side extends. This can lead to excessive body roll, adversely affecting handling and stability.

The stiffer Ultra Racing anti-roll bars counteract this by resisting the body roll, ensuring that both sides of the suspension work more evenly. This makes the driving experience not only safer but also more enjoyable, as it instils confidence and control.

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